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Boat Repairs

Boat Repairs

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Our team of experienced professionals have already repaired dozens of boats on the Island. We can either speak with you over the phone and determine the best route to get your boat back to seaworthy or have you bring the boat to our shop (if it’s transportable) where we will evaluate the repairs with you, and create a plan. We are not your typical repair center, as we design and manufacture boats our repair process is very transparent and we do not over bill you for things you did not ask for. Customer satisfaction & building relationships with our customers through repeat business is our pride & goal.

Electricians, Welders, Fabricators, 3D/CAD Draftsman and more skilled employees joining our workforce as we continue to expand and grow as a company. Contact us to see what we can do for your boat today! Scroll down and click ‘Get in Touch’

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