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The Islander is a versatile landing barge perfect for the Westcoast waves. The 17 degree deadrise provides efficient wave cutting and displacement while the wide chines improve handling and stability. The double hull at the keel offers a sense of security and peace of mind. The 5086 bottom and sides will provide the greatest longevity and durability. In a cabin-less state, you can choose which cabinet or console you want to complete your boat. Whether you are looking for a multi-function island hopper, or a commercial work-horse, the Islander is your best choice.


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Lower Hull 1/4in thick, 5086 Aluminum
Upper Hull 3/16in thick, 5086 Aluminum
Deck, gunwale caps, etc. 3/16in thick, 5052 Aluminum
Deadrise 17degree @ transom, minimal progressive “VEE”
Keel Extruded with keelson & double-hull
Chine Reverse with Extrusion
Structure Long Frame
Rub Rails 3 Horizontal per side
Railings not included
Storage Transom locker, gunwale storage trays
Fuel Tank Isolated Aluminum 1000L capacity
Actual Length from Stem to Stem 9.28 m (362.1 in)
Registerable Length 9.0m (29.5ft)
Overall Width 3.15m (124 in)
Deck Width 2.48 m (97.5 in)
Estimated Dry Hull Weight
(no engines, cabin, or accessories)
1797 kgs (3962 lbs)
Maximum Horsepower 450hp (not included)
Maximum Hull Displacement 3507.3 kgs (7732.2 lbs)
Transom Outboard Pod Type, 38″ Twin engine spacing
Swim Grid 28in x Full-Width Swim Grid
Front Gate Winch-able type with traction and see-though leading edge. manual latches
Cabin TBD (You can option to purchase one of many different console & cabin options)
Amenities Includes Aluminum Cleats, Stabilizer Anode and Transducer mounting plates, Self bailing deck with 4in scuppers.
Trailer Not included. A Tri-axle 15,000lb gvw trailer will be required.

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