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Offshore Boats

Offshore Boats

The Saratoga

The Saratoga is our premier offshore vessel. Available in three hull-sizes, the 2685, 3085 and the 300W, the Saratoga is designed to recieve a variety of cabin lengths and layouts. Cabinets are available bare aluminum or powder-coat; hulls are available in bare aluminum and hulls under 30ft in length are also available for powder-coat. Hulls come standard without pre-rigging or wiring, but can be ordered with a standard pre-rigging package (bilge pumps, batteries, switches, fuse blocks, wipers, navigation lights, interior lighting, etc). Hulls may also be ordered completely finished, but if we can help you reduce costs and save by outsourcing direct or performing as much of the finishing yourself as possible, we will do so. We prefer to work with you and your preferred brands for finishing and rigging.

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Lower Hull 1/4in thick 5086 Aluminum
Upper Hull 3/16in thick, 5052 Aluminum
Deck, gunwale caps, etc. 3/16in thick, 5052 Aluminum
Deadrise 20 degree
Keel Extruded with keelson & double-hull
Chine Reverse with extrusion
Structure Long Frame
Rub Rails 3 horizontal per side
Railings not included
Storage In-floor fish locker, in-floor storage locker,
double gunwale storage trays in cockpit with toe support
Fuel Tank Isolated Aluminum, 600L, 800L, or 1000L capacity
Actual Length from Stem to Stem 7.9m (26 ft) – 9.1m (30 ft)
Registerable Length To be filled
Overall Width 2.6m (8.5 ft) – 3.3m (10.9)
Deck Width To be filled
Estimated Dry Hull Weight
(no engines, cabin, or accessories)
To be filled
Maximum Horsepower  500hp, 700hp, or 1000hp (not included)
Maximum Hull Displacement To be filled
Transom To be filled
Swim Grid To be filled
Front Gate To be filled
Cabin Multiple cabin lengths and layouts available
Amenities To be filled
Trailer Not included

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